Co. C first to arrive at Fanueil Hall, Co. H right after.

Co. A at 12 noon, in a heavy rain storm marches to the depot and takes the cars to Boston, on arrival go to Faneuil Hall

Co. D a little past 10am left the armory with 73 men and marched to the depot with Co F and took the cars for Boston, then directly to Faneuil Hall.

Co. E, at 8am 74 men met at the armory, report in Boston by noon.

[Regiments and Armories]

gives order of arrival in Boston as C, H, B, D, F, A, E, G. The regiment expected to leave Boston the same day, but Colonel Coffin had sometime previously resigned, although his discharge had not yet been received by him, and an election on the 17th resulted in the election of Capt Timothy Munroe of Company D, as Colonel.

Staff - Colonel - Timothy Monroe;

Lt. Col. - Edward W. Hinks;

Major - Andrew Elwell;

Adj Geo. Creasey

Serg-Major - C. M. Merritt;

QM - Ephraim Alfred Ingalls;

QM Serg - Horace E. Monroe;

Paymaster - Roland G. Usher;

Surgeon - Dr. Bowman B. Breed;

Surg. Mate - Warren Tapley;

Clerk - John T. Cole;

Chaplain - Gilbert Haven, Jr.;

Drum-Major - Samuel Roads

(Schouler lists John Goodwin Jr. as Serg-Major now or later? C. M. Merritt is listed as Lt in Co D)

Co. A - The Cushing Guards (org. 1775) -Newburyport

Capt. Albert W. Bartlett

Lts. 1st - George Barker; 2nd - Gamaliel Hodges; 3rd - Nathan W. Collins; 4th - Edward L. Noyes

To the Company A Roster

Co. B - The Lafayette Guards (org. 1825) - Marblehead

Capt. Richard Phillips

Lts. 1st - Abiel S. Roads, Jr.; 2nd - William S. Roads; 3rd - William Cash.

To the Company B Roster

Co. C - The Sutton Light Infantry (org. 1809) - Marblehead

Capt. Knott V. Martin

Lts. 1st - Lorenzo F. Linnell; 2nd - John H. Haskell; 1st Serg - Benjamin F. Peach, Jr. (Schouler list Samuel C. Graves as 1st Lt., too.)

To the Company C Roster

Co. D - The Lynn Light Infantry (org. 1852)- Lynn

Capt. George T. Newhall

Lts. 1st - Thomas H. Berry; 2nd - Elbridge Z. Saunderson; 3rd - Charles M. Merritt

To the Company D Roster

Co. E - The Beverly Light Infantry (org, 1814) - Beverly

Capt. Francis E. Porter

Lts. 1st - John W. Raymond; 2nd - Eleazar Giles; 3rd - Albert Wallis; 4th Moses S. Herrick

To the Company E Roster

Co. F - The City Guards (org. 1852) - Lynn

Capt. James Hudson, Jr.

Lts. 1st - Edward A. Chandler; 2nd - Henry Stone; 3rd - Matthias N. Snow

To the Company F Roster

Co. G - The American Guard (org. 1852) - Gloucester

Capt. Addison Center

Lts. 1st - David W. Lowe; 2nd - Edward A. Storey; 3rd - Harry Clark

To the Company G Roster

Co. H - The Glover Light Guards (org. 1852) - Marblehead

Capt. Francis Boardman

Lts. 1st - Thomas Russell; 2nd - Nicholas Bowden; 3rd - Joseph S. Caswell


To the Company H Roster

Detached from the 7th MVM for service with the 8th.

Co. J - The Salem Light Infantry (org. 1805)(Salem Zouaves) -Salem

Capt. Arthur F. Devereux

Lts. 1st - George F. Austin; 2nd - Ethan A. P. Brewster; 3rd - George D. Putnam

To the Company J - The Salem Zouaves Roster

Co. K - The Allen Guards (org. 1860) -Pittsfield

(Uniforms - gray and gold)

Capt Henry S. Briggs

Lts. 1st - Henry H. Richardson; 2nd - Robert Bache; 3rd - Alonzo E. Goodrich

To the Company K Roster